Guest Speakers

Mariano De Prado

Foot & Ankle Specialist in Murcia-Spain - Vice President of the SEMCPT, SECOT Member, Honorary Member of Murcia University, Academic Correspondant of the Royal Medecine Academy, EFAS Member, GRECMIP Honorary Member

B. Hintermann

University of Basel, Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery, Chairman Orthopaedic Clinic, Switzerland - Foot and Ankle Specialist - EFAS Member, SFAS Member, IBRA Member, AOFAS Member

M. Maestro

IM2S Monaco - Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeon - AFCP past president, GRECMIP Member

patrice diebold

Foot and Ankle Surgeon in Nancy-France - IFFAS Member

Olivier laffenetre

University Hospital Bordeaux / ICP Paris France - Foot & Ankle Specialist - GRECMIP Board Member, AFCP Member, SOFCOT Member

HJ. Trnka

Fusszentrum, Vienna-Austria - Foot & Ankle Specialist - IBRA Member, AAOS Member